“forks on the road” challenge part 1

So, I have to drive a lot for my job. My caseload lives primarily in 3 places: Knoxville, Maryville, and Oak Ridge. I would like to think I know Knoxville pretty well, but I am not so familiar with our neighboring cities, Maryville and Oak Ridge. To motivate me on these journeys out of town, I decided to make it a challenge. After consulting the people I support on my caseload (and their staff, parents, and other random people I meet) I have compiled a list of places to try. The rules are as follows:

  1. I can only try 1 place in a 24 hour period of time
  2. I can spend up to 15 dollars
  3. I have to make a note of what I thought in writing.

I have a terrible memory, so the third rule had to be added in after I went to a couple of places and starting forgetting. What better place than here, right? In fact, there were no rules to this game until I had Rocky’s Jamaican Sunrise and Richy Kreme Do-Nuts in the same day. Thinking about it makes my bowels shriek. My indulgences are piling high these days and I’m starting to feel it catch up with me. So, I had to make some rules.

Here is the list as I wrote it originally. I’ve already tried a few.

Oak Ridge, TN

Magic Wok
Riverside Grill
The Other One
Secret City Pies
Hot Bagel Company
Big Ed’s
Mediterranean Delight
Pie Five
Soup Kitchen
Jefferson Drug Store

Maryville, TN

Hot Rod’s
Grinder and Grains
Jamaican Sunrise
Butchers Hot Dogs
Full service BBQ
Aroma Cafe
Richey Creme
The Chocolate Bar

I’ll post some reviews of those later in Part 2


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