Kitchen Chronicles: Kim Trentham

This is my mother-in-law “to be”, Kim Trentham.


I am lucky to be marrying into a family that loves food just as as much as mine. Phew. Really dodged a bullet. Kim absolutely loves to entertain, feed, and socialize, which I can get down with. Kim always has a little spin on your traditional dishes. The first time I went over to Bob and Kim’s house as Heath’s girlfriend, I was smitten by the meal. I think it was the Spinach Maria (cheesy spinach with a little spicy kick) that drew me in. Rosemary Pork with fresh herbs from their garden, some spectacular Salmon with dill sauce, smashed potatoes, baked squash casserole…I was in heaven. They really dazzled me.


Kim and Bob are a real duo when it comes to the kitchen. I can only hope that Heath can “assist” with meals as much as Bob does with Kim. I’ve already asked him to help me learn his ways around the grill (one of my next endeavors I hope to take up soon). While he has his own talents, I’ve heard him say he just likes helping her since he knows it means so much to her. Precious.

Kim is the oldest, which I can relate to. You feel an innate sense of responsibility to make sure everyone is taken care of. Kim is great at doing just that. She loves to entertain, but I think it has a lot to do with making sure everyone has what they need. She is one of the most caring, giant-hearted people I have the pleasure of knowing. And I’m especially grateful for that heart of hers because it’s the same one Heath has.


So, Kim, tell us why you love cooking. 

Well, growing up we ate what was on our plates and was glad to have it. I never was ever hungry, and was fed very well. I used to watch my grandmother, my mother, and father cook and I would join in. I was happy to do so. We gathered around tables and ate ’til content. The conversation around the table has always been fun, serious, entertaining and tearful. We would talk about our days/weeks, jobs/school/church, etc. I miss those times of a full table. They were hectic at times, but memorable. I think growing up in the South, socializing involved food and seeing as how I love to socialize…well, there you go.

Kim’s grandmother, Polly, and mother, Nancy

I’ve noticed that you’re definitely in a family of cooks, that is for sure. Is that who taught you the most about how to cook?

My grandmother making chicken and dumplings was what did it for me. What I would give to watch her one more time. She can tell you to this day her secret, but her frail body will not let her. My mother also taught me alot. She made dinner every night, and we always sat around the table eating. She worked full-time, and as I got older I began to cook when I came home from school thanks to her teaching me. My dad taught me alot about grilling and BBQing. He was a master at it, and took it very seriously. He handmade rotisseries for whole hogs and smokers for BBQ. He was the BOMB!!!

Shannon and Kim’s nephew, Jarrod, making messes

Oh wow. I’ve learned a lot the good cooks in my family as well. What would you say is one of your favorite memories of cooking is?

Well, that would have been in the kitchen around holiday time. Shannon and Heath would help me make cookies/candies (more Shannon than Heath but that’s natural). Shannon and I have had many memories of flour and sugar everywhere and decorator icing all over us and the kitchen. Lately, our memories have been on the back patio entertaining, grilling, BBQ and shrimp boils with Shannon, Heath, and all of their friends. Have I mentioned that we make a killer shrimp boil?

I remember the one for Shannon’s graduation. VERY good eats, I do have to say. You’ve mentioned a lot of different kinds of food you make (BBQ, baking, shrimp boils…). That’ s a lot of different kinds of equipment. What would you say is your favorite kitchen appliance/utensil?

This is a toss up. My utensil would be the spoon/spatula from Pampered Chef. It gets used more than anything else in my kitchen. Favorite appliance is a tie: Kitchen Aid Mixer and Cuisanart Food Processor. Not to mention my Oster Smoothie Maker.

Kim and I this past Thanksgiving

For Fun

About favorites

I love all foods except one: I hate is candy corn. YUCK! I love all veggies. I was also taught to make cornbread at 9 years old and I’ve made it ever since. I make good sweet tea. 

kim8About Bob

I married a fella that loves it just as much as me. Granted we have had to alter a few things due to healthy reasons but we have found some great healthy recipes. Bob is an excellent cook and I would take his meals over most.

Favorite TV chef/cook/culinary figure: PAULA DEEN why?? Because she is a southern cook and so am I. I have always loved her recipes and I love to watch/hear her about cooking. I never really get to watch her programs, but I do look up her recipes/comments on line.

Best Dessert you ever had: well this is a tie. Pecan Pie baked by one of our patients is by far thekim17 best ever, although I make a mean one too. Second just came recently. It’s a White Cake with Cranberry Filling and Orange Buttercream. I just made this for a shower, and I have to say it is to die for. AMAZING!!!

Favorite meal: anything seafood. I love Seafood Portofino at Olive Garden. I love salmon, fish, shrimp, mussels, clams, oysters….you name it and I’m in! I also love Bob’s catfish he makes yummy!!! I’m a fan of Italian/Greek foods too. I love Louie’s. I also love our homemade shrimp boil out back.

Favorite flavor: rosemary and pork together….DELISH!!! I also love basil with anything. MY HERB GARDEN HELPS!!!

Guilty pleasure you can’t live without: HOLY CRAP….it’s sweets….sweets….sweets….sweets.. need I say anything more!?!?



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