Kitchen Chronicles: Lacey Hancock

I want everyone to meet Lacey.


Lacey Hancock is a great person to know, and I’ve enjoyed her company on and off throughout the past 3 years. I met Lacey when she was a vegan, and has now decided meat is for her (thank God). She cooks, bakes, and is most certainly educated on the subject of food. She had her own blog that I kept up with for awhile, Lacey Loves Food, and enjoyed it very much. Her opinions and views are to be listened to, as she is immersed in the booming food and drink industry in Nashville.

So Lacey, tell us about the kind of relationship you have with food.lacey3

I’ll try anything, and I mean ANYTHING, at least once. Giving up veganism has opened up my eyes to a whole new world of food I’ve been missing out on. We only live once, so I don’t believe in low calorie diets or eating bland food to stay in shape. Food is supposed to be delicious, not make you feel guilty and it should never be boring. That being said, I try to keep keto during the week. As someone who has struggled with weight long term, this makes me feel satisfied and not at all deprived.

A woman after my own heart. So how did you get so interested in food?

My paternal grandmother, absolutely. These days, I’m the “foodie” (ugh, that word) in my family, so even though both my husband and brother run high end high volume kitchens, I still get calls from them asking questions.

laceyOh wow. Sounds like you are surrounded with culinary influences. You’re very lucky. Tell us more about your paternal grandmother.

I grew up with a southern grandmother that made everything from scratch, every single day. I spent countless weekends with this paternal grandmother. My first baking memory is from when I was 3 years old and my grandma let me roll out the pie crust for blackberry hand held pies. Man, what I wouldn’t give to know the recipe she was using for that dough. I still can’t make a perfect pie crust to this day!

Mmmm! I love pie, and I know you’ve mentioned you’re a pie person as well. What would you say your favorite pie was?

The best dessert I’ve ever had was a Mezcal Pie. It was made in the style of key lime icebox pie, and the crust was made from pretzels, butter and brown sugar, and it was topped with whipped cream. It turns out, mezcal and key lime really compliment one another. This dessert is likely to be on the menu at the soon to be opened Butchertown Hall in Nashville.

Lacey and her husband, Wes

Yum. That all sounds so good. I’ll have to go check out some of those places. I have messed up so much with trying to bake pies, I’d much rather eat them elsewhere.
It’s comforting to know even the best cooks/bakers make mistakes. Tell us about a time you made an “oops” in the kitchen.

I like to laugh at my mistakes, so here’s one: the first year I had a vegan Thanksgiving, my mom had me, of all people, help her transfer to turkey from its roasting pan to a platter. In the midst of this, she somehow poured ALL of the juices that cooked out of the turkey down the front of me. In the family photographs from that year, I’m wearing sweat pants that belong to one of my brothers and a Grinch t-shirt.

What would we do without family pictures to freeze in time embarassments in our life? I know I have a few family pictures I’d like to burn for that reason. Glad to know that is universal. So since you’re in your kitchen a lot, what is your favorite item to use?

These days it’s my kitchen aid stand mixer. I was lucky when I got one because my husband had a lot of people in my life buy me various attachments, so I have nearly every attachment made for the thing. It’s a real life saver when it comes to shredding chicken, making perfectly smooth cheesecake, whipping up cookie dough in two minutes flat, and for kneading bread dough.


For Fun

Favorite TV chef/cook/culinary figure? This is hard. I love Alton Brown and Ina Garten, but I have to say my favorite is Rick Bayless, what a revolutionary!

Pork Belly Monte Cristo at Husk Nashville

Favorite meal? Brunch. Seriously though, Brunch at Husk Nashville. Diet for a week, then go with a group: start with the charcuterie, it has 24 month aged country ham, thinly sliced, with seasonal pickled vegetables and these yeasty pretzel rolls and house made mustard. Then make sure SOMEONE at the table gets biscuits and gravy-the gravy is made from house cured sausage and hands down the best I’ve ever had. Wait, don’t make sure someone orders it. Order your own. The deviled eggs are always a hit, and so are the vegetable plate and oysters. And the pork belly Monte Cristo.

Favorite flavor? Spicy, but not just hot, heat needs depth.

Guilty pleasure you can’t live without? pork. any way, but preferably belly or shoulder. I have no idea why I gave up meat for 10 years but I’m glad that “phase” has passed!


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