10 fun food facts about Christmas

  1. December 23 is the busiest grocery store day of the year.
  2. A Sugar Plum is basically a fruitcake ball. It’s made with any dried fruit chopped fine and mixed with nuts, aromatic spices and honey. Then it’s shaped into a golf-ball sized orb and rolled in sugar.
  3. Santa Claus’s origins come from a real person, St. Nikolas of Myra. Among other things, he’s the patron saint of butchery.
  4. Apples were the first known Christmas tree decorations.
  5. Thirty-eight percent of us gifted with fruitcakes give them to someone else, possibly making them the most popular “re-gifted” item ever.
  6. Candy canes are shaped like a shepherd’s crook. Until about 1900, candy canes were pure white.
  7. Twenty-two million people in the United States have turkey for Christmas dinner.
  8. Animal Crackers made their debut in 1902 at Christmas. The string on the box was created so the box could be hung on a Christmas tree.
  9. A study by Food Network UK found that it takes 47 years for us to cook Christmas dinner without any mistakes. The study found 1/3 of us never get it right.
  10. Despite an abundance of naughty treats, the average person only gains less than a pound during the holiday stretch beginning with Thanksgiving and ending at the new year, according to a study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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