Kitchen Chronicles: Andrew Tate

Meet Andrew, my brother.


If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting him, you know he is a jack of all trades. He’s a court jester, a talented videographer, natural athlete, and whiz-kid mathematician. But probably his defining characteristic: everyone loves Andrew. I lovingly call him “America’s Guy Next Door” when I describe him to people. He can charm the pants off anyone. As infuriating as it was growing up, I have grown to respect it now. He uses his powers for good, and I think that is what makes him the dynamite teacher that he is today.

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He teaches high school math (and one fitness class) at Currey Ingram Academy, a private school for students with learning challenges. He loves his job, and I know his students love him. It doesn’t shock me for a minute this is where he has ended up at this stage of life. But what does shock me is the fact that [drum roll, please] he cooks.

Andrew eating at his friend’s food truck in Chattanooga

So, we grew up in the same household for 18 years, and I never once saw you cook. But now you cook a decent amount. When did that start? I started back in college, but pretty poorly. My mom always cooked for us and knew I was on my own. If it wasn’t microwavable, I didn’t eat it. Seriously. I didn’t even know how to cook eggs. I actually had to google it, and even then I was too scared. I found out eggs were microwavable, so I tried that out for a while. I cracked them, put them in a coffee mug, and let ‘er rip! Disgusting, right? But now I make healthy things that don’t involve radioactivity. So that’s good.

Andrew and his wife, Bekah

So you googled how to microwave eggs. Is that how you learned to cook? I would say my mom, but I never I really asked her. Didn’t want to make her nervous and worried thinking I was starving. So shout out to Youtube!

That’s impressive. And I think it is so because I know some of the things you and Bekah have cooked. Can you tell us about a proud moment of cooking triumph aided by trusty teacher, Youtube?
For one of our anniversaries, I decided I was going to make lobster. So, I went to the store, and bought some live lobsters. I had never done this before, obviously, but I used my old trusty friend Youtube to help me out. Although, being the chef that I am, I decided to take some different strategies that Youtube never mentioned. As I boiled the water, I prepared the lobsters. I looked at them, they looked back at me. They had these rubber bands on their claws and I thought, “Well, that would be gross to cook rubber bands on there. Those probably don’t taste the best.” So I snipped them off. As I grabbed them with some prongs, the lobster obviously grabbed back. It was a little wrestle to throw them into the water, but along with my cooking, I have incredible agility. So I threw them in and boiling water splashed all over me. It was great.

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partaking in the Titanic Hot Dog Eating Contest

That is certainly impressive. I, myself, have ever attempted lobster. I figure I’ll shell out an extra couple dollars to have someone else handle it for me. So, other than Youtube, is there any other culinary figure you use for guidance? I have two; Adam Richman and Marc Summers. Adam Richman is the guy on Man vs. Food. Yeah, I had to look up his name too. There is a few reason he is one of my favorites. For one, he has done an abundant amount of eating challenges, and that’s something I aspire to do… like every day. And two, he somehow never dies after eating all those incredibly unhealthy foods. As for Marc Summers, the only reason that he is one of my favorites is that he looks like my dad, Steve Tate. And I love my dad.


For Fun

Andrew and Bekah on their honeymoon, enjoying some MOLTEN CAKE

What is the best dessert you’ve ever had? Chocolate Molten Cake from Carnival Cruises. It is a soft, gooey chocolate cake with hot chocolate syrup in the middle. A scoop of vanilla ice cream is placed on top, and it melts almost before you get to the bottom of the cake. It’s outrageous.

What is one of your favorite meals? Biscuits and Sausage Gravy. If you can make a good sausage gravy, and some soft biscuits, you instantly become my friend.

What would you consider your favorite flavor? Any kind of peanut butter flavored anything

Favorite cooking utensil/kitchen appliance to use? Cast Iron Skillet. It’s my baby.

What’s your food guilty pleasure you can’t live without? Ice cream. Any ice cream. It is one of the greatest inventions of our time.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Betty Tate says:

    Love you guys. I enjoy reading your columns. Amanda, you should take up writing; you are so good at it. You make me smile with your humor. So glad you have found true love and Kenny and I wish you all the best. So sorry we missed seeing you in August.


    1. Amanda says:

      that is so sweet of you to say that, Betty! And I’m soooo sad we missed seeing you guys as well 😦


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