Kitchen Chronicles: Steve Tate

So I’m excited to share that I’ve currently been working on a series that I am calling “Kitchen Chronicles”. I am talking with different members from my family and friends that I have about their relationships with food. This idea was sparked really from my general interest in the family heirloom of cooking, favorite foods, and recipes…and what better way to find out than to use your new blog as an excuse to strike up conversations with people? So, today is the first one. I want to hopefully do these every Friday for as long as I can.

I want to introduce everyone to Steve Tate, also known as my father.


For those of you who don’t know him, he is a man of many different hobbies. He is an avid crafter, a fan of sports, and a lover of coffee. While he has many interests, his biggest one is what he lovingly calls “cycling”. The man loves his bikes. He  currently wears many hats right now in his career, but he still finds time to moonlight at REI on Saturdays and gets to talk about bikes all day. I’ve known him to disappear for half of the day sometimes on his bike. He gets lost out there, exploring the world on two wheels. He has participated in many marathons, and even several triathlons, along with my brother and sister.

He is also an educated man on the subject of health and fitness, and has recently acquired a Masters degree in Holisitic Nutrition. While he has extensive knowledge of nutrition and is an exercise nut, he still finds time to eat a TON. It’s a modern marvel, to say the least.

dad loves his bikes when we go to the beach

So, tell us, dad. You’re a healthy guy. You exercise diligently, you take care of yourself, and you’re in top physical condition for a man your age…and even for anyone of any age. But I’ve known you to indulge plenty with unhealthy (but delicious) food.

Food plays a critical role in our overall existence, and should not be approached as something bad or evil. I have always believed we should embrace whatever heritage we have and enjoy the experience of others before us who have developed their own styles, recipes and dishes. I have been incredibly fortunate to have been surrounded by a great “southern heritage”, along with great people who have given me many, many great memories of food and fellowship.

Growing up in the south, I do believe you are inherently taught that food and family go hand in hand.

My life has been filled with many good people who cook very well. I’ve been so blessed, and have enjoyed some of what I consider to be the best meals in the world. Both of my grandparents had different styles, yet produced some incredible meals. I remember those fondly as a child. Of course, my mother could put together some great dishes herself. My brother Mike has a ton of cooking and baking experience, and developed his own “experiments” from time to time. But, the best would be my lovely wife who has taken care of me for the last 28 years, cooking all my favorites. That is why I have to exercise all the time to keep the weight off.

I find myself reveling in gratitude for growing up in the south. There is so much rich history and delicious food to learn about and enjoy here. As a food lover, I’m so glad I haven’t grown up anywhere else. What’s a favorite southern dish of yours?

My mom’s pecan pie! Can’t live without it!

1796409_687279171282_1121756653_nI’ve had that as well, and I’d have to say it’s pretty delicious. But, again, not very healthy. That doesn’t bother you?

Life is about balance. We should not deprive ourselves of good, but possibly unhealthy food. The key is, of course, moderation and exercise. There is way too much good food in the world to not eat it, just try and balance it all with other foods. The term I’ve learned in my education for this is “homeostasis”. It pertains maintaining equilibrium between the mind, body, and soul. If we indulge–but do so in moderation–then we can enjoy the things in life we love, but also maintain a healthy lifestyle. I would also add that chocolate and/or fudge is something I really enjoy, and for some reason people have labeled this wonderful concoction as taboo. I’d like to set the record straight and say that chocolate, in moderation, can be very good for you!

Very interesting. It’s refreshing to hear from someone who is well-versed in the health community that we can still enjoy chocolate! Thank goodness.  

Dad and I at my first UT game a couple weeks ago

For Fun

Who would you consider a culinary influence?

Guy Fieri. Just because he has the best job in the world: traveling the country, eating at some of the best “dives”, and getting paid for it. I mean…really?!

What would you say is your favorite flavor?

PUMPKIN!! and I will say it again,” I was pumpkin before pumpkin was cool”

What would you believe to be your favorite kitchen appliance?

My french press. Need I say more?

Anything else you would like to add?

I believe heaven will have a very large bakery with endless supplies of fresh donuts, pastries, cakes…and of course, coffee


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. gailshingler says:

    My eyes are barely open, this is the first thing I’m reading for the day, do I know how to do “devotions” or what?! I’m laughing hysterically cuz I can hear Steve’s voice. (And he always makes me smile—well, when he’s not infuriating me on purpose!). Remembering, too, when he made fun of me for bringing my Kale salad on the plane to TN! Recently, I found myself at Guy Fieris Las Vegas restaurant at 12:30 in the morning, and this vegan was biting into buffalo wings…the next day we went back for lunch and I ordered the BBQ pulled pork sandwich…the table gasped…eyes squinted at my posse, I warned, “Don’t anyone say a word.” The man knows his way around meat…and he does unheard of things with potatoes. I agree with Steve, Fieris livin’ the good life and sharing the wealth with us all.

    Great post, Amanda! Great “share” sweet Steve! Hope to enjoy great coffee with you in the future. All my love!


    1. Amanda says:

      Thanks Gail! And yes, pulled pork BBQ will get us everytime. As much as I can’t stand Guy Fieri, I have to respect him for his talents and achievements. You’re right! The man does know his way around meat!


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